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  1. Y-Bomb? Sticker (AXN)
  2. Seminole Head Old Logo Sticker (AXN)
  3. FS Sticker (AXN)
  4. Florida State Seminoles Boots Button (AXN)
  5. Let's Go Noles Button (AXN)
  6. Cocktails of Tallahassee Part One Print (AXN)
  7. FL State Mom Button (AXN)
  8. FSU Seal Sticker (AXN)
  9. Noles Button (AXN)
  10. FL State Dad Button (AXN)
  11. Large Spear Sticker (AXN)
  12. Get Up It's Gameday Button (AXN)
  13. Spear Enamel Pin (AXN)
  14. Garnet Foam Finger Sticker (AXN)
  15. Lady Seminole Sticker (AXN)
  16. FSU Helmet Sticker (AXN)
  17. Just Here for the Tailgate Button (AXN)
  18. Small Spear Sticker (AXN)
  19. See You In Doak Can Cooler (AXN)
  20. Unconquered Statue Sticker (AXN)
  21. Vintage FS Enamel Pin (AXN)
  22. Good Old Days Button (AXN)
  23. FSU Car Air Freshener (AXN)
  24. Westcott Fountain V.2 (AXN)
  25. Westcott Sticker (AXN)
  26. Doak Campbell Stadium Sticker (AXN)